Technology solutions include Projects, Consulting and Technical Training. Headquartered in Central New Jersey. Melissa International serves clients of all sizes, in diverse industries, throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Technology Services

Melissa International is a leading technology firm with world-class practices in Multi, Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud, Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cybernetics, Neural Networks (NN), Deep Learning (DL), Deep Learning Applications (DLA), Machine Learning (ML), Cognitive Computing (CC), Neural Machine Translation (NMT), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Conversational Bots (ChatBots), Text to Speech, Speech to Text, Voice Based Virtual Assistants, Smart Sensors, Smart Data Discovery, Prescriptive Analytics, Convergence, Collaboration, Gamification, Virtualization, Containers, Infrastructure, Operating Systems, Information Security Audits, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, Cyber Security, Cyber Crime, Cyber Espionage, Threat Intelligence, Threat Analytics, Email Security, Endpoint Security, Network Security, Network Forensics, Managed Defense, Programming Languages, Blockchain, Software Development, Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Databases, Big Data, Storage and other services.

Consulting Services

Melissa International has centered on delivering financial growth, strength and stability. We define technical strategies to build and deploy state-of-the-art architecture, applications and information security for revenue acceleration. We cultivate strong relationships with our business partners, C-level suite, auditors and clients to create a legacy of innovation and service is the foundation of our success.

The scope of our technology leadership experience encompasses all aspects of directing, building and deploying solutions across government, military, education, non-profit, healthcare, insurance, pharmaceutical, online gaming, casinos, private equity, banking, fintech, investment, financial services, information technology, information security and application development organizations. We are especially known for our warm, charismatic and engaging leadership styles. We are experts at working through the people, process and performance issues of an organization.

We are equally enthusiastic about helping our clients gain stakeholder buy-in to champion a new Info Tech, Info Sec and App Dev solution. Developing new product lines to drive revenues and supporting multimillion-dollar global divisions. Influencing key stakeholders, mentoring and coaching and retaining teams are specialties of ours.

We have a penchant for architectural design and strategy, application development and deployment of information technology and information security solutions. Along with our exceptionally strong project and change management skills, we have a genuine desire to drive client and employee engagement. We can be counted on to deliver mission-critical initiatives with the utmost tact and diplomacy.

Engagement Model

Melissa International’s consulting solutions are designed to fit each client’s specific needs and budgets, with made-to-order solution teams that leverage our expertise and top industry relationships. Melissa International’s Account Managers work closely with each customer to determine their needs and to broker Melissa International’s offerings. Melissa International’s Practice Managers run practice silos built around specific technologies and work with engineers, consultants and partners to provide the best solutions to meet each client’s requirements.

Throughout the project lifecycle, Melissa International’s Resources engage with clients and each other to ensure that requirements are properly identified; issues and scope changes are addressed in a timely manner; and project requirements and identified issues are addressed to our clients’ satisfaction.

Engagement Lifecycle

Pre Sales

Melissa International’s Account Managers, Directors, and Practice Managers work with our clients’ IT Staffs to clearly identify the issues at hand and any underlying issues that will affect the recommended solution.

If needed at this point in the process, we also introduce clients and potential clients to Melissa International’s Executives and Vendor representatives.

Solution Architecture

After thoroughly assessing the requirements, Melissa International’s Practice Managers and Directors put together a proposed solution based on the client’s requirements and budgets.

Melissa International’s expertise and experience allows us to recommend appropriate solutions; not just technology for technology’s sake

Right Staffing

Melissa International’s Professional Services is staffed with highly focused consulting professionals that manage all aspects of projects and perform the tasks during an engagement.

Melissa International blends the use of our full-time technical staff with a selected roster of technical specialists available on a consulting basis through our Technical Staff Augmentation practice.

This ability to leverage staffing-style pricing and scope with the responsibility and manageability of a consulting firm allows our clients to engage our expertise either on a firm level, as a solution partner, or on a resume-level as a staff provider.

Managed Processes

Each project begins with a kickoff meeting to introduce all the client and Melissa International personnel that will be involved in the project and to fine tune the project plan.

During the course of the project, Melissa International’s Project Managers maintain issues lists and provide regular status reports, therefore our clients are aware of our progress every step of the way.

Melissa International follows a structured change management methodology to ensure that unexpected scope changes are addressed in the most efficient and beneficial manner

Knowledge Transfer

Our Goal is to provide solutions that our clients can support after Melissa International resources leave the site.

For every project, Melissa International provides comprehensive documentation detailing the work completed and any configuration changes made to client systems.

Melissa International frequently works side-by-side with client resources, providing ad-hoc training as needed.

Melissa International partners with a Technical Education Center. The TEC offers various training services.

Ongoing Support

In addition to comprehensive documentation and training, Melissa International offers a variety of support programs to assist our clients’ IT departments in maintaining their environments.

Support engagements frequently lead to the identification of new projects.

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