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Talent & Performance Management

Finding talent and managing performance has become more complex, turbulent and contradictory than ever before. Talent is now harder to find and nurture, and easier to waste and lose.

We work with organizations to build focused skills and strengths that translate into creating engaging, constructive and supportive performance management environments and systems. We give Leaders the tools to manage right, transforming performers from good to great. Employees progress and become recognized, unlocking feelings of work place pride and loyalty. The employee flourishes and the organization prospers.

Customer Service

Most employees think they give great customer service. Very few of their customers agree. We work with organizations to move deluded customers to delighted customers.

We know how important customers are to businesses and we know how important service is to customers. Therefore we equip employees with the skills needed to pay great attention, provide great service with great etiquette. Additionally, we get business leaders focused on employees’ value + importance on the inside, which translates to value + importance delivered on the outside.

Diversity & Inclusion

We work with organizations to create environments, policies and practices that enable inclusion+ diversity to give faster decision making + greater integration. With inclusion, stress and absenteeism decrease whilst productivity and performance prospers.

Over half of employees feel like they have to hide things about themselves to fit into work – it could be a disability, their religion, their experiences or the team they support. Aside from being uncomfortable and unhealthy for the employee, it’s a prime cause of low productivity.

Organizational Restructuring

Drop in stock price, loss of in productivity, collapse in customer satisfaction, disengaged and resentful staff. These are just some of the adverse results of weak reorganizations that start with great intentions, but result in the demise of the organization.

We work with leaders from the outset to develop the compelling journey of where the organization is, and where it plans to go. We train leaders to be clear with facts and open and honest with communication that gets everyone marching in the right direction. We focus on taking the right employees forward as assets, prioritizing those staying, enabling leaders carefully and closely influence the outcome for them, the employees and the organization.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a key indicator of business performance: when your employees feel engaged, your business will prosper. All too often, leaders fixate on survey results rather than the causes behind them.

We help organizations understand, engage and positively influence employees at levels that matter to the individual, making the difference to the masses. Through this we create more positive achievement, more results and more success across the organization.

Personnel Development

We provide a host of workshops and seminars to give people some of the most important skills to enhance their way of work and life. Some of our clients’ favorites include

  • Effective Communication
  • Time Management
  • Effective Selling
  • Super Marketing
  • Team Building
  • Managing Change
  • Crisis Management
  • People Management
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Effective Meetings
  • Negotiation
  • Self-Branding

We believe in equality + inclusion + diversity. So we’ve delivered all sorts to most sorts.

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